Worth and good to know

Launch and getting to know the app

Launch the “eNNYI” application with its icon after installation.

Welcome screen.

Register, login, request new PIN code or visit orallas.hu website from this screen.

Main user registration

The first step of registration is to accept User and Privacy Policy. Accept only after reading it through and agree with its stipulations.

Enter a frequently used email address and a PIN code twice. PIN code must be 4-8 digits.

Enter the activation code sent to your email address.

That’s it.

Register the meters

Select the type of the meter you want to report.

Select your utility provider from the dropdown menu and push NEXT.
If you don’t find your provider in the list, please be patient. You can sign up for our messages and we will inform you about new providers in the system.

Enter your online login data connected to the selected utility provider.

Based on the data we connect the application to the provider’s servers.

If the login data are correct, all meters and their details appear.

Select the meter and check if their data are correct (address, identification numbers, etc.). If they are, tick the compliance field and push NEXT.
If the data are incorrect, please contact your utility service provider.

Give the meter a name. If you want to add more meters of the same kind (your parents’ home, another flat, etc.), be circumspect – names should be easy to distinguish.

Congratulations! You successfully registered your meter in the application.
Add all others too.

Report a meter

Push REPORT A METER button.

In the list appearing, select the meter you want to report.
Pictograms by the meters:
Red exclamation mark: Meter in reporting period
Yellow sand glass: Report in progress
Green tick: Successful report

Enter the actual position of the selected meter.

An image can also be added to the report. Your images are also sent to your email address together with the confirmation email.
Taking a picture is optional.

To take a shot, you need to approve the application to access the camera. If you don’t give access, you won’t be able to take a picture. Approval shall be given only once.

Before uploading you can check the image for quality and readability.

After successful report, an estimated value of current consumption appears.
Please note that it is an estimation only, the final invoice may vary due to individual modifying factors of different utility service providers.

And, That’s it. 😊


There are several functions in Profile section:

In this menu you can:
  • see your registered meters (check, rename and or delete)
  • add new meters by hitting ’+’
  • see your consumption statistical data
  • send statistics to your registered email (default setting) or download to a selected storage (Settings menu)
  • read notifications
and access Settings menu by hitting the cogwheel icon in the top right corner

Your consumption data diagram by services and meters.
Data can be uploaded by hitting the upload icon. Your email is default setting, other storage area can be selected in Settings menu.

Messages and notifications can be read and managed here. Not all service providers send messages.

You can check your meters’ data on this screen. Also, new meters can also be added to the system.

Setting menu with the following functions:
  • Change PIN code
  • Delete Profile (All recorded and saved data will be deleted!)
  • Set alarms to the reporting periods of each meter
  • Select primary storage space for statistical data (default setting is your email address)

Add alarms to your meter reporting periods. Alarms can be modified or deleted any time.

Select your primary storage space for statistical data. Default setting is your email address.

Error reporting

If you experience an error or failure regarding any public utility services at home or even on the streets you can immediately contact the affected service provider.

Select the relevant provider.

The application calls the provider hotline instantly.