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Currently available Service providers

Segédlet - MIVÍZ

Segédlet - Debreceni Vízművek

That’s all

Download the eNNYI app from Google Play or AppStore. During the first launch, you must register yourself in the application

You must do meter registering process once only, as the application will ask for the master registration PIN code at each launch

Choose the meter you want to report, type in the actual position and click ’Report’. The figures will be forwarded to your public provider

Have a cup of coffee or tea and spend the rest of your time relaxed

Download from the application stores

Comfortable and easy-to-use

The tool for reporting is always on hand (mobile phone, tablet)

The easy to use interface allows sending all meter metrics
to a service provider at any time, from anywhere

One PIN code is enough to report all meters

Use the statistics module to keep track of consumption data

Consumption can be planned

Direct messages about events, duration and expected
completion of the service from a service provider

More functions for more convenience

The reminder function warns on time or repeatedly about the reading period

Alarms for outbound values can be set

In case of any problems the right customer service can be accessed by just one click

Option to make an instant deposit and thus avoid queueing with the traditional yellow cheque or netbanking*

Payments can be scheduled*

* Function available after a later update.


Stay tuned!

Your data is guaranteed not to be unauthorized and/or misused

Download from the application stores

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